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Mt. Neverlast

A minimalistic ORPG for casual enjoyment

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-Current Project-

Mt. Neverlast

A minimalistic ORPG for casual enjoyment

I am proud to announce the production of Mt. Neverlast!
Right now, I am working on the beta and it is going pretty well.

I am proud to announce the following currently working features:

  • Exploring
  • Grouping with friends
  • Starting guilds
  • Doing quests
  • Enjoying casual grinding

You can join my community Steam group to stay up to date or to directly ask game related questions.


Games that inspire me are games that tell a story. Graphics are not that important in my opinion. One of the best examples that I know are the first Guild Wars games in which you could do missions with your friends. The storytelling was exceptional and my friends and I enjoyed many hours of intense gameplay thanks to that.

I learned the basics from watching online courses. Many people can learn how to program, yet programming efficiently is something that is based on having a good sense for logic. Methodology is something that requires a good sense of logic, once you have mastered this, writing software becomes easy.

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